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Net Smart online session

Recording of Howard Rheingold’s audio-video session with New Media Consortium discussing Net Smart.

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Sharp illustration of Net Smart talk at SXSWi

Very cool work from Andrew Federman @ImageThink

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Learning is the new black

The report that Google’s first hire (#3 after Larry and Sergey) has left to join Khan Academy indicates the degree to which new models for development and delivery of educational networks and artifacts is coming to the fore in terms of the attention of the technology analyst community. This has been the major theme that we have been tracking as we likewise launch a new model for learning into the marketspace. It seems that one developmental notion in this new wave of education star-ups is the establishment of “brand as platform.” Similar to how Yahoo!, eBay, Amazon, and Google became the brand

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A Practical Infotention Master Class

Use Twitter, search, Diigo Delicious, DEVONthink, Scrivener to find, refine, and organize information into knowledge

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Howard Rheingold, Ted Nelson & Doug Englebart at Play

This is a celebration in the season of celebration.    

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Should I save or should I go now?

Harvard’s Nieman Center presents some intriguing primary research digging into emerging patterns of what is saved or marked for future reading. This is one of the key Infotention skills, and the initial results point mostly to the “kinds” of writing that emerge as being “sticky.” This is a natural concern for  Journalistic research. The study equates this stickiness with engagement, another Infotention component, one requiring some deeper and more pointed research. Developing

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